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The Basque coast , and especially the Urdaibai estuary is a perfect place to enjoy a break throughout the year for the richness of its environment and the huge variety of plans and activities enabling at all times but the summer place , if anything , it is even more special.

During the hottest months of the year, in addition to visiting the nearby villages , nature walks or emblems of the area as the Bosque de Oma , or sample the local cuisine , you can enjoy a beach tourism for the whole family and find out Urdaibai ‘s beaches are so special .


Laida beach is very close Gametxo , in the municipality of Ibarrangelu and is within the Urdaibai estuary . It is a beach of fine sand in a unique natural environment .

A perfect place to enjoy a day of very special beach, water sports such as surfing , canoeing , paddle surf or spend a family day with children since one of the features that sets this beach and that makes it unique place is the shallowness of the water , so it is a perfect beach to enjoy a special day with the smallest of the house. And thanks to its location , you’ll stroll through some of the nearby villages after a day at the beach .

hotel en urdaibai playa laida


A little more than five minutes drive Gametxo find one of the most special beaches of the Biscay coast .

Laga , with over half a kilometer of fine sand, overlooking Cape Ogoño and open to the Cantabrian Sea (unlike Laida beach located within the estuary ) is a very special place that you’ll love .

You can enjoy water sports such as surfing , canoeing or sailing , or just relax and enjoy a quiet day at the beach . It has a large free parking area and a restaurant on the beach itself .

hotel playa costa vasca laga


Mundaka is one of the most important places for surfers worldwide, the leftist wave has taken the name of this municipality to be known by lovers of water sports, but Mundaka beach is much more.

Unlike the previous ones, Mundaka beach is small and is located within the village. Its fine sand , its location , within most interesting towns to visit and the quality of its waters makes this beach a great place to enjoy a beach day family within the Urdaibai place .


playa mundaka hotel gametxo

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