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If you are A bird watching lover, our area is undoubtedly a space that you must visit for its ornithological wealth. The Urdaibai estuary, located at the mouth of the Oca River, is the most important wetland in the Basque Country, both due to its size and its degree of conservation.

It is worth highlighting two key points regarding ornithological tourism. On the one hand, in Urdaibai there is a unique interpretation center, the Urdaibai Bird Center, a scientific and informative center on the life and ecosystem of the birds that inhabit this wonderful place. On the other hand, we have Cape Matxitxako, considered the best place in the Basque Country for the observation of seabirds and cetaceans.

We are in a location whose wetlands are declared a SPA (Special Protection Area for Birds), noted for being a resting area for migratory birds, integrated into a landscape of cliffs, mountains, beaches and rivers that converge in the estuary with natural forests, caves and a rich archaeological, geological and cultural heritage.


Urdaibai is home to a great variety of species, some are present throughout the year and others can be observed in certain seasons of the year as they are migratory birds.

Some of the species that you can see are the Gray Heron, Imperial Heron, Common Spoonbill, Common Ansar, some raptors, seagulls or storks, to name some of the most important.

Two places + four ornithological routes to enjoy bird watching in Urdabai, very close to Gametxo


This reference center, specialized in birds and in everything related to ornithological tourism, is located in the heart of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, just 15 minutes from our hotel. There, you can get all the information about the birds in the area (species, habits, places to observe them …). They do guided tours with an expert in which they will explain in a didactic way all the peculiarities of this area as far as birds are concerned, to deepen your knowledge about ornithological tourism in Urdaibai.

The center also has an observatory tower where you can observe the life of the marsh and some other things that will be explained to you during the visit. For the visit it is advisable to make a prior reservation.


In the marsh, there are two observatories that can be visited freely and without prior reservation. One is the Orueta Observatory, near the Urdaibai Bird Center, a place that allows you to see both the freshwater part and the part connected to the estuary. In addition, from here you can observe small passerine birds in the winter eaters that are in its surroundings.

The other is the Ozollo Observatory, also near the Urdaibai Bird Center, a place that allows you to see the deepest area of ​​the Orueta marsh, an area where many birds pass through.


There are 4 essential ornithological itineraries for bird watching in Urdaibai.

San Kristobal

This interesting route has a circular route of 1.9 km that leaves from San Kristobal Auzoa, Busturia.

It crosses the San Cristobal landfill and ends at the Urdaibai Bird Observatory, being able to return to the same starting point on a circular route.


3.1 km route one way and as many back, that leaves the Parking Lurgorri, in the CTRA. BI-3101 Bermeo-Baki.

Here you will discover an area of ​​great biological richness in one of the best spots on the entire Basque coast for watching seabirds and cetaceans.

Hum. de Orueta – Bird Center

Itinerary of 3.3 km one way signposted that you can start, either from the Urdaibai Bird Center or from the Orueta Observatory.

On the way, you will also pass by the Ozollo Observatory, it is a short but very intense route when it comes to bird watching.

Upper Urdaibai Estuary

Route that begins at the Forua Train Station, a municipality located on the left bank of the Ría de Mundaka.

It is a 7.5 km itinerary. round trip. Here you can mainly observe birds such as the Atlantic gannet, the yellow-legged gull or the shadowy gull.

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