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You cannot “soak up” the culture of the area if you do not dare to know our cuisine, one of the great emblems of our culture and one of the most recognized cuisines in Spain and all over the world.

In our area, we are lucky that the proximity between the sea and the mountain, cause that this region has a special climate and be in a privileged place that gives as a resulta varied and spectacular gastronomy. Here we present a few gastronomic proposals to complement your stay at the Hotel Gametxo with the best cuisine in the area.


If you do not want to move far from the hotel, here are a few perfect restaurants to eat near the Gametxo.

ATXARRE TABERN (At 5 minutes from Gametxo)

Overlooking the estuary and Laida beach, this restaurant is also very close to our hotel.

Its culinary proposal is tapas, pintxos and rations, making it a good place to eat or dine more informally, but in a place that offers good quality products, especially fish.

MARMAR LAIDA (At 5 minutes from Gametxo)

Very close also to our hotel, in Marmar Laida you can taste tapas, pintxos or rations. They also have some Mexican food options.

Another good choice to make a more informal meal without leaving the hotel much.

KANALA JATETXEA (At 7 minutes from Gametxo)

This restaurant is specialized in meats and rice dishes.

It can be a good option if you want to eat a steak. It is located in Gautegiz Arteaga, very close to our hotel and, therefore, in the middle of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

TOKI – ALAI (At 8 minutes from Gametxo)

Located very close to our hotel, right on the Laga beach, this traditional restaurant is an ideal place to go to taste the fish of the Bay of Biscay with stunning views of the sea.

It has both menu and “a la carte” food.


If you want a special “a la carte meal” in one of the most reputable restaurants of the area:

REMENETXE RESTAURANT (At 21 minutes from Gametxo)

Old Basque farmhouse renovated a few years ago. Traditional cuisine combined with signature dishes and high-end cuisine.

They offer the possibility to enjoy the large terrace and count on the gastronomic and enological advice of their sommelier, Jon Andoni, who will guide you in the selection of wines from his enormous cellar. A perfect restaurant for luxury.

ARITA -BERRI (A 15 minutos de Gametxo)

Uno de los restaurantes de referencia de la zona.

Productos de alta calidad y bodega propia para disfrutar de una experiencia gastronómica en un caserío vasco rodeado de naturaleza al estar ubicado en plena Reserva de la Biosfera de Urdaibai.

BASERRI MAITEA (At 24 minutes from Gametxo)

Located in a traditional Basque farmhouse, it is characterized by the selection and treatment of products from the land, the sea and the creation of new dishes based on tradition, with the utmost respect for flavor and texture.

Highlights include grilled meats and fish from nearby ports (Mundaka, Bermeo, Elantxobe …).

ENEPERI  JATETXEA (At one hour from Gametxo)

Typical basque building of the year 1816 located in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe that has several dining rooms, a brewery, a pintxos bar, a museum and outdoor garden areas.

Stone walls in modern facilities that have a kitchen rooted in Basque cuisine, but with touches of modernity, the Eneperi restaurant is an open door to the enjoyment of all the senses.


And here we leave some more options for you to taste the Basque gastronomy.

LEZIKA RESTAURANT (At 19 minutes from Gametxo)

 In a special environment in nature, the Lezika Restaurant stands at the foot of Mount San Miguel de Ereñozar (Kortezubi), 150 meters from the Santimamiñe Caves and the Xabier Maiztegi Foundation.

It is in the heart of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve and starting point to the Enchanted Forest of Oma.

ITXAS ETXEA (At 13 minutes from Gametxo)

Located in Elantxobe, this place is the Fishermen’s Guild and therefore they are specialists in fish of very good quality.

They have both menu and “a la carte” dishes and it is therefore a very good option if you are looking for a quality fish site.

ARROPAIN RESTAURANT (At 30 minutes from Gametxo)

Located in Lekeitio, it is a highly recommended option if you visit this beautiful town on the Basque coast.

Here you can try some fish and seafood of great quality, with a good preparation and a very nice service.

ALMIKETXU  GRILL (At 40 minutes from Gametxo)

Also located in Urdaibai, in this grill you can opt for grilled fish or meat or a more economical cuisine that includes traditional dishes such as garlic soups, beans …

And all accompanied by an extensive wine list.


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